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When there’s fear round every corner…

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Sometimes the world can feel like a really scary place

With monsters in the wardrobe and demons in your space

There’s fear round every corner, dark shadows in your mind

Stopping you from seizing those adventures you might find

It all feels so unstable and it all feels so unsure

Like a three-wheeled broken wagon, like a virus with no cure

You’re worried and you’re anxious; you’re not sure where to go

Seeking safety, seeking comfort; your batteries on low

Then you stumble on a festival that’s full of hope and cheer

It’s led by awesome people who make worries disappear

You rock up to a campfire and you just pull up your chair

And say goodbye to emptiness and farewell to despair

Welcomed by a jolly giant who loves playing hide and seek

Invited to a café, open 8 til late all week

Then there’s Kenni’s brilliant soundtracks to brighten up your day

And you’re encouraged to have break time and go outside and play

There’s so much going on here that you won’t know what to choose

Enticing, juicy topics that are too good to refuse

There’s LEGO and there’s Minecraft; there are fusion skills and more

There’s IDL and walking…all exciting to explore

The campfire is now burning, the lookout tower is set

The tool shed’s up and running and there’s shelter if its wet

So if you haven’t joined already, just come along and see

What’s waiting round this corner’s called creative bravery.



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