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"Dreams are always taller than you

Which is why you have to reach high to make them come true"

So...what exactly is a 'chaser of dreams'?

A very familiar question and one I have answered in detail in this BLOG POST!

Essentially, a 'chaser of dreams' is me.  A person who cares deeply about supporting you to uncover and achieve your potential and your dreams.  A leader, change agent, coach, mentor, cheerleader, challenger, supporter, sponsor, teacher and guide all in one package.  Someone who will listen to you, hear you, understand your perspective then gently challenge you to find your own answers to questions that you perhaps did not even realise that you had.

I truly believe that we are unique and have our own, very personal, drivers, motivations and preferences.  Some will not get beyond the words on the business card or website because it doesn't feel 'right'.  For others there will be curiosity and a desire to know more...and that could be a great place for us to start a conversation about your dreams, visions and values and how we could work together to support your development and growth.

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Ways we can work together

The Opus 29 dream chasing service will provide you with the space and time you need to explore solutions and work out the choices ahead of you.  Investing in 1-2-1 mentoring in a safe, trusted space will help you make sense of your challenge and identify the steps you need to take to get your journey underway. 


There are three options available:

  1. One-hour dreamtime conversation

  2. Six-month dream chaser programme

  3. Annual dream-chaser subscription

Download more information on the options here.

My approach will resonate for your some of you; for others you may be looking for something else.  Why not get in touch to book a complimentary, no-strings 'discovery call' to see how you feel once we have spoken?

So whether you are a young person unsure about what steps to take beyond school; an individual looking for the next step on your career path; an athlete contemplating your future beyond competition; an executive wondering what life will hold after retirement; a small business or start-up thinking about growing your customer base; or an organisation needing help to define your future vision and the most simplest of terms, my job is to support you to identify, reach for and achieve your dreams, whatever they may be.

And how exciting does it sound to be 'chasing your dreams'?

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