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What is your story?

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Inspired by a campfire conversation and an observation that 'history is full of other people's stories', I am embarking on project 'life in lockdown'.

The aim is to collate and curate a whole range of individual stories from the past 12 months.  Our COVID filled lives have become very different and we have all experienced it in different ways.

I want to hold onto these stories to ensure we remember what is was really like.  Let's acknowledge and celebrate our realities and not reduce our experiences to statistics, politics or a game of blame.

Life since March 2020 has changed for all of us.  We have all experienced these challenging months in different ways and through different eyes.  We only really know our own stories and can only imagine how it has been for those around us.  As we head towards the light at the end of the COVID tunnel, it feels important to capture our stories so that we remember what it was really like for us and to get an insight into what life has been like for others.


  • What has been hard?

  • What has been fun?

  • What have you learned?

  • What or who have you lost?

  • What have you missed?

  • What do you want to hold on to?

  • Who are you missing?

  • How have you got through?

I am inviting you to share your story; whatever your story may be.  I will then collate all of our stories to provide a snapshot of history; our history.  History is full of other people's stories, so why not fill it with ours?


I would love you to take part...all contributions welcome.  Craft a story, write a poem, paint a picture, take a photo, record a song, make a video...whatever feels like it your way to tell your story.  This is our story.  Our history.

Thank you and take care 
Jane x

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