Event update - January 2021

With the ongoing restrictions on travel and face-to-face interaction, I will be continuing to explore a number of different ways of delivering and facilitating my 'creatively curious' learning events.  Using a variety of formats, each session will aim to spark your interest, ignite your curiosity and engage you in actively exploring a familiar subject through an alternative approach.  Regardless of the topic or format, the events will utilise a carefully blended mix of theory and applied practice and are all designed to stimulate your thinking, gently challenge your current perspective and encourage you to make new connections between what you already know and anything new that resonates with you along the way.

I will also be learning new things along my journey and am committed to being 'creatively brave' as I put myself 'out there' to experiment, play and generally 'try out new stuff' in our strange, and ever so slightly surreal, re-imagined world.

Jane Booth

Chaser of Dreams

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No upcoming events at the moment


Further events will be organised throughout 2021 in response to demand/need.  

If you or your organisation would like to host one of these learning sessions, or there is a specific topic you are interested in exploring in this learning event style, please get in touch to arrange a coffee and conversation.  I would love to talk!

Equally, if there is an event that interests you but the date or location does not fit in with your current plans, get in touch to register your interest for future events.