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Dr Jane Booth
Leader, change agent, chaser of dreams...

The Dream Chaser Manifesto

When I started my business I did not feel like a CEO, Founder or Consultant.  I did not feel like a Company Secretary or an Executive Director.  I did not even feel like I necessarily knew exactly what I was about to embark on!  It felt like a very uncertain time.

So I started by working out what really mattered to me and why.  I wrote down all the things that felt fundamentally important for me - as a professional and, perhaps more crucially, as a human.  

Over time this has evolved from a values statement and eight guiding principles to my 'Dream Chaser Manifesto', shaped by challenge, experience, conversation, failure, disappointment, success...and so much more.  It is an external statement of intent and an internal summary of what I know and what feels important.  It is an anchor point when the sea gets a little rough; a shelter from the occasional Scottish storm. 


Most of all, it is my sense of purpose and a reminder that, even when things feel tough, these are the things to which I commit and the essence of what it means to be me.

Dream chaser manifesto.jpg

Read more about the Opus 29 'why' and the guiding principles that drive and direct my work.

View my LinkedIn profile for further details on my career, work experience and particular areas of expertise.

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I fundamentally believe that great people make amazing things happen.  We often lose sight of our potential, however, and this can hold us back from achieving what we really want.  My role is to help you find your path so you can lead yourself, and others, on your chosen journey.

Dr Jane Booth

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