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...when great people make amazing things happen

What is everyday leadership?


The word ‘leadership’ is largely synonymous with senior personnel who have the authority, influence and power to lead organisations from their position of the top.  There is, however, an alternative view that perceives truly effective leadership as something that happens throughout an organisation and stems from people who have passion, clarity and unwavering commitment to what they do and in what they believe. 



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Everyday leaders…

  • Believe that they can always make a difference, regardless of their perceived level, role or status

  • Are highly aware of their values, motivations, drivers and impact

  • Are curious and have the desire and ability to support others


Equally, everyday leaders thrive when…

  • Their learning is supported by a network of ‘great people’

  • Their learning environment is safe, trusted and relevant

  • They can apply their learning back into their work context

Developed through a 7 year Doctoral research adventure and over 20 years applied practice in leadership and development, Opus 29 offers an alternative approach to the development of leaders and leadership.  Putting people at the heart, an everyday leadership programme provides a relevant solution to the challenge of adapting to and delivering in our continuously changing 21st Century world.

Why not click on one of the links below to discover how you could join the 'Everyday Leadership' movement?


Tell me more about how I could become an Everyday Leader through Opus 29...


Tell me more about how my organisation could work with Opus 29 to build and develop a bespoke 'Everyday Leadership' programme...

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