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...because we all need a little play in our lives!

According to the Lego Foundation (2018, p.6), 'play in the preschool years enables children to explore and make sense of the world around them, as well as to use and develop their imagination and creativity'.  This innovative report for Unicef report goes onto argue that 'play is one of the most important ways in which young children gain essential knowledge and skills' (p.7).

My question...if play is such a valuable way to learn, then why is play often perceived as only for children? my quest to keep developing my imagination and creativity, I build play into my daily life.  I love to try new things, explore new challenges and take time to play.

Learning to draw, picking up watercolour paints for the first time, writing poetry, playing music, making videos, experimenting with 'stuff'.  Reconnecting with my child-like sense of curiosity and giving myself permission to value the time I spend playing has become an important part of my working life.  

By asking why?, wondering 'what if?', going with the flow and seeing what happens when I become creatively brave enough to play and try something new, I can continue to grow my curiosity and nurture my I strive to be the courageous chaser of dreams that I aspire to be.

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Bear and friends videos

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