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Virtual Art Club Poster.jpg

What is it?

A weekly virtual space to connect with others, share your creations and learn about are in its broadest sense by ‘just having a go’.


Why have you started Virtual Art Club?

Because I had a tiny spark of an idea an before I knew it, I had put something out on Twitter!   Lockdown gave me space and time to rediscover my love of all things creative – which to date has mainly been music and poetry.  Watching Grayson Perry’s Art Club on Channel 4 has introduced me to a wider world of creativity that includes pencil drawing and painting…and I am loving it!  I am a total novice, driven purely by my own curiosity, energy and passion…and a big desire to try new stuff and connect with new people.

Who takes part and what do you create?

Our youngest participant so far was 6 years old...and I can't reveal the age of our oldest artist!  Simply put, #VirtualArtClub29 is for anyone and everyone.  As for what we create...each week we have a shared theme; we then see where our individual imaginations take us.  Have a look at the gallery below for some of the brilliant pieces created so far!

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