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Leaf art


I then began to realise that the flames in a fire are multi-coloured & so I needed to actively look for different colours in my leaves.  I couldn't create what I wanted unless I had difference.  The overall picture needed difference to be effective.  A metaphor for life perhaps?


It all started with a photo shared on Twitter.  A photo of some Autumn leaves.  A reply from @opera_of_play prompted me to look at Andy Goldsworthy art, which I instantly loved!  Forward to a virtual art & chat session with @LawnsB where we decided to experiment with leaves (she is a proper artist)! 

So off I went to collect some leaves.

Perhaps unconsciously...or maybe consciously...I collected a whole bunch of red leaves from the liquid amber tree in my garden.

Then we started to create.  At first I began sorting my leaves & discarded any that weren't the lovely, deep red colour that had appealed to me.

@LawnsB gently prompted me not to throw them away, rather to put them on one side...just in case.  She also asked me why I didn't want to keep the odd sticks or random coloured leaves.  This question just sat with me for a while until I figured out what I was making.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the significance of campfire conversations in recent months, I began to create a fire.  The brown sticks & leaves then became important as they formed the fuel of my fire...thankfully not thrown away!  

Then the challenge became about when to stop.  When was enough, enough?  

That, I believe is always the big question!

So I finished.

Our conversation ended and our fun hour & a half concluded.

Yet the art didn't finish there!  I let my fire sit a while.  I left it in my kitchen to smoulder and burn...or rather to dry out.

As I left it & watched, the leaves began to curl up.  The twigs dried out & my 'fire' began to shrivel a little.  It took on a different kind of beauty.

After 24 hours (when I needed the kitchen table back) I took my 'art' outside.  Gave it a new life in a new form on a rock.

...and there it has stayed ever since; and still remains.  Sitting, blowing in the breeze (well, gales); getting wetter & wetter in the rain.

Who knows when it will end?

What I do know, is that I have enjoyed the process; learned from the process...and had fun with a new friend in the process.

Thanks @Lawns_B

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