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2020...what a year!

2020...what a year! So full of highs and lows

Look to the future, what’s for sure? No-one really knows

It’s been uncertain, shaky ground, with unexpected fears

Yet there’s been laughter, there’s been love…and yes, there has been tears

I’ve missed my family, missed my friends, felt lonely, low and scared

And there’s been anger, there’s been rage…when those around me dared

To break the rules, ignore the law, go anywhere they pleased

Whilst I stayed home and waited…til this crazy, madness eased


I’ve met new people, found a tribe to help me through the pain

We lit a campfire, listened, learned, and kept each other sane

Whilst the world around felt stormy, I found my place to be

Creative, brave, authentic…a space I could be me

Thank you for your welcome, for your kindness and your heart

You’ve brought a sense of comfort even though we’ve been apart

So here’s to new beginnings, to a prosperous New Year

And for a very Merry Christmas full of hope and love and cheer x

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