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Does talent really exist?

...and if so, what is talent, really?

How is talent recognised and nurtured?

How much of talent is environmental?

What about access?

If not talent, then what?

How do know someone is talented?

How do we keep that talent developing over time?

What really gives someone a talent ‘advantage’?

These are just a few of the many and vast questions that have emerged from the engaging discussions around the Talent Jam zoom rooms to date!

Taking inspiration from a musical jam session, the Talent Jam is a space for interested people to come together and just 'jam'. In musical terms, a jam is an 'informal gathering of musicians to play improvised or unrehearsed music', or it can simply be described as an 'impromptu discussion'...which very much describes what has been happening so far!

Our Jam space is a place where nothing is certain, everything is questioned and everyone is welcome (and heard). We all share a curiosity to explore what could be and have a genuine desire to develop our own and collective understanding around a topic that sparks so much interest and yet, arguably, remains only narrowly understood.

The uniqueness of the 'Talent Jam' lies in the breadth of experience and knowledge of those attending. So often in our lives we are constrained within our professional silos according to our chosen, dance, education, the arts, leadership, business, music. The joy of the 'Talent Jam' is that we bring all of these, and more, together in one space to challenge, discuss, listen and share. So far we have found that we have more in common than differentiates us. Yes, we see things differently; yes, we have our own, individual perspectives...and yet...yes, there is so much that we can achieve together. Starting with providing a place where difference is heard, seen and appreciated.

We certainly don't profess to have all...if any...of 'the' answers; rather we embrace curiosity and seek to ask ourselves questions that will help us develop, grow and ultimately seek to enhance and improve the way we all create spaces where 'talent', and the humans who own that 'talent', can flourish and thrive.

Have a look at some thoughts/reflections captured during Talent Jam 2 by downloading the PDF below...

Talent Jam 2 - menti notes
Download PDF • 432KB

JOIN THE JAM - book your seat at the jam on Eventbrite!

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