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On feeling different...

A hexagon in a world full of squares

A wombat in a forest of bears

A kayak in a sea of canoes

A flip flop in a big rack of shoes

A nightmare in a head full of dreams

A zipper in a coat of taped seams

A raincoat in a wardrobe of ties

A true note in a sentence of lies

A pencil in a pot full of pens

A turkey in a paddock of hens

A cycle in a locker of trikes

A thumbs down in a post feed of likes

A trumpet in a band full of drums

A haiku in a workbook of sums

A blue coat in a white coated lab

A lobster in a bucket of crabs

I stand out each place that I go

Feel different to others I know

A misfit, a weirdo, a geek

A stranger, outsider, a freak

It’s lonely and it can feel sad

It’s shameful and it can seem bad

Yet different doesn’t always mean wrong

We all have a place we belong

Don’t worry if you don’t quite fit

It’s normal to wander a bit

To try out a whole host stuff

And believe me, you are good enough

So hold on, and do not give in

It’s worth it, even if you don’t win

You will find a place you can be

Feel happy and ‘ok to be me’…

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