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What is brave?

When the demons in your head are wreaking havoc with your mind

When your sense of motivation seems impossible to find

When the chains that keep you anchored pull you backward, keep you still

When you’ve lost your sense of purpose and you cannot find your will

When every fibre of your being has been paralysed with fear

When your view of new horizons have grown bleaker, disappeared

When those constant, nagging voices tell you everything is lost

When your walls grow ever taller and their boundaries can’t be crossed

When your soul is full of sadness and your dreams are full of shame

When you’re trapped within a spiral of self-hatred and self-blame

When the light has turned to darkness, casting shadow, casting doubt

And the never-ending cycle holds you in, there’s no way out


You wake up and you get up and you show up every day

You keep on finding places for the words you want to say

You stand up and get counted; take your action, make your choice

Find ways for you and others to be present, have a voice.

You slowly keep on moving, taking one step, then one more

You find a way to progress, even when you feel unsure

You hold on to your values, trusting they will see you through

You place your faith in friendship, knowing they believe in you

You sometimes maybe flounder and then lose your grip on hope, yet

You somehow find a reason and a way that you can cope

You believe in good and better, you believe in what could be

You believe in love and kindness; which, for me, says bravery.

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