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My A to Z of Creatively Brave Campfire 'Take-aways'

A - AIME high

B - Be Brave

C - Create connections

D - Dream big

E - Embrace the uncomfortable

F - Find friendships (and flamingo's)

G - Great people make amazing things happen

H - Have heart - and lots of it

I - Imagination matters more than knowledge

J - Just the start

K - Kindness matters

L - Love is all you need

M - Make it up as you go along

N - Notice what happens around you

O - Opportunity to make a difference

P - Pedagogies of uncertainty

Q - Question everything

R - Reflect and re-imagine

S - Social interactions really matter

T - Trojan mice and trust

U - Uncertainty is now our certainty

W - Wing it and wonder

X - Xpress yourself

Y - Young people's voices + Yes...and

Z - Zzzzzzzz (now to recharge my batteries)

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