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A Space Between... investing in you

"It feels like perpetual motion, continuous noise and haste

Never-ending movement, like there's no time to waste."

How do those words land with you? What comes to mind? Where are you right now in a world of perpetual motion and never-ending movement?

For some, the long, slow days of lockdown where life felt simple and the world was quiet, are but a dim and distant memory. Those months where we found ourselves with time to look up and breathe, to remember what mattered in life seem a lifetime ago. Promises made to ourselves about keeping hold of the little things in which we found such joy, lie broken in the wake of a return to 'normal' that has seen us go from 0 to 60 in less than the blink of an eye.

For others, life never stood still. Lockdown happened around us and whilst we saw the world outside grind to somewhat of a halt, our lives grew more chaotic with ever increasing demands on our attention, care, compassion and time. Front-line staff were increasingly valued and their, often heroic, efforts to keep us all safe, fed and watered were noticed and celebrated.

What about those who went un-noticed, though? What about those who experienced unprecedented challenge in the months of lockdown and who continue to face changes on a daily basis as the world returns to something resembling 'normal'. How about the teachers who kept schools open and shifted their entire working practices in a few short weeks with little or no additional support. The HR professionals working longer, harder hours to ensure that staff were kept informed and supported when needed. The small business owners desperately trying to pivot their offerings to give them a glimmer of a chance at still being in business in future years. And many, many more of us for whom life has simply become busier and more hectic as we say 'goodbye' to lockdown and 'hello' to life as we now know it.

How does this resonate with you?

For us, it is why we have created our 'A Space Between' retreat. Through our work and personal experiences, we have noticed how urgently people need a 'time out' and space to breathe...and yet we also see how few people feel able to create this time for themselves. Maybe there is a sense of guilt preventing us from putting ourselves first? Or perhaps we are just too caught up on the wheel of perpetual motion to realise that we are able to get off?

Whatever the reason, we are creating this space on your behalf. All you need to do is take that first step to invest in yourself. We will do the rest.

Yes, we know that deepest West Wales is a long way from many places...that is kind of the point! It is away from chaos. Away from continuous noise and haste. From the moment you arrive at Naturesbase, you hear nothing but birdsong and the sounds of the trees. Maybe a cockerel crowing. There is fresh air, space, green...time to breathe.

Go on...give yourself a break. Invest in you. Take a leap off the wheel of perpetual motion. Get yourself to Wales. We will do the rest.

Jane, Lorna and Sophie x


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