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Finding our 'new normal'...

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

I want to start this blog by asking 'how are you doing right now'? Also to check-in and see how are feeling about the surreal and often uncertain world that is unfolding around us on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis?  I am wondering what you have been doing this week that has felt very different to your usual routine, and I am particularly curious about whether you are beginning to find any sense of what your 'new normal' will look like?

Have you got children at home to support with their learning?  Are you working from home for the first time and having to negotiate shared desk space with other family members?  Are you having to manage your team remotely for the first time?  Or maybe you are really concerned about how you are going to keep your own business going when our economy feels like it is free-fall?  And are you worried about parents, family and other friends who are particularly vulnerable at this time?  Whatever your answers, I am guessing that there are times when you feel like there are more questions than answers, that you are juggling an increasingly impossible number of tasks, and that generally you are engulfed by an overwhelming sense of uncertainty and more than a little fear...and yet still keeping on a brave face for those around you who count on you and depend on you for reassurance and support.

For me, this week has been about trying to discover what my 'new normal' will actually look like and how my days and weeks might take shape going forward.  There have been no easy answers on the 'big' stuff (like...When will all this end?  Will we ever go back to normal?  Will anyone find a cure for Covid-19?), so I have been focussing on the small stuff and the things that I can control.  Like what time I get up, what time I eat, when I go out for a walk and when I pick up the phone and talk to someone...and keeping talking is definitely a big thing for us all to do to help keep us connected.

Anyway, whether you have found anything of your 'new normal' or are still trying to work out what anything actually means, I hope that you are managing to find some small things that make you smile and laugh...there are certainly some amusing videos going around on the internet, and my brother's suggestion of recruiting an imaginary co-worker to blame when things get a bit stressful is providing us with much amusement.  Our co-worker has so far today been blamed for making it rain and for causing me to get so distracted I put marmalade (which I don't like) on my toast instead of strawberry jam (which I love)!

So, take care, stay safe, stay at home...and whilst you are at home, you might be interested in one of the online events I have organised over the next few weeks.  I am just trying them out to see if there is any interest and have chosen topics that I think might be really helpful for you over the coming weeks and months.

I have organised three online sessions that might be of interest to you.  Each one costs £5 and lasts for 90 minutes.  The topics are:

Click on the title of the sessions above or click the image below to take you to the Events page on my website to find out more information and book your place directly.

Sending you all the very best of wishes and a huge virtual hug,

Jane x

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