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Behind my mask

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

What do you see when you look at me?

What image fills your head?

What do you take my look to be?

What do you think I said?

Why do you take the stance you do?

Why do you think that way?

Why do you always have that view?

Why not hear what I say?

How do you know what makes me tick?

How do you read my mind?

How will your first emotion stick?

How will you seek to find?

What I am really all about

What really drives me on

What passion really makes me shout

What vision now is gone

Why life and love has let me down

Why dreams begun to fade

Why laughter hides behind my frown

Why I am so afraid

How things I’ve done have shaped my fate

How friends have set me free

How loneliness has made me wait

How you can help me be

The person who I want to find

The dreamer that I know

The happiness that hides behind

The fear that wants to grow

You have a chance to help me change

A chance to help me see

That what you first think might be strange

Is my normality

The way you act, the way you are

Is guided by your world

It doesn’t always stretch so far

It’s not always unfurled

So don’t be quick to judge me now

Or only choose to see

The things you know or can see how

Try not to preconceive

Be curious and ask me why

I act or think this way

Take time to look me in the eye

And give me chance to say

That I’m unique, we’re not the same

But that is quite okay

We share a hope, we share an aim

We share a love to play

We share a friend, we share a goal

We share a love of wine

We share a love of Northern soul

We share a lack of time

We share a thought that we discuss

We share a common dream

There’s more joins and unites us

Than first it might have seemed

Our difference is who we are

No one of us the same

But underneath and from afar

Its easier to blame

So take a pause before you see

The person who you find

Be patient and so graciously

Be generous, be kind

See who I am behind my mask

The real, authentic me

And just remember, always ask

What my perspective sees.

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