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Are you feeling creatively curious?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

If the answer is yes…then read on!

This week has brought a whole heap of excitement (as well as more than a little nervousness) as I have launched my first ever ‘Creatively Curious Learning Series’ for the New Year. It is an idea I have been working on for a while, having been inspired and motivated by the many sparky ‘coffee and conversation’ meetings and opportunities throughout 2018.

It feels like many people I meet, particularly those who work for a small/medium sized organisation or those who work either for themselves or by themselves for much of the time, don’t always have the time or resource to access great quality, relevant personal development or learning sessions. Equally, many of us spend nearly all of our time working within our own ‘world’ and rarely get the chance to meet with and chat to people from other ‘worlds’.

These two reflections in particular have driven me on to create this learning series, using my own curiosity, desire to make a difference and thirst for learning to develop a unique range of development opportunities to bring people together to look at interesting topics. So…

‘Creatively Curious Learning’ is a series of innovative learning and development sessions that aim to capture your interest, ignite your curiosity and engage you in actively exploring a familiar subject through an alternative approach. Using a carefully blended mix of theory and applied practice, each session has been designed to stimulate your thinking, gently challenge your current perspective and encourage you to make connections between what you already know and what you learn.

Whoever you are, whatever your motivation, these sessions will inspire you and help you understand how to apply your new insights into your everyday role.

The sessions for this initial series of events are:

Full details and online booking for each event is available on my website via the Events page.

I would love to see you at one of these events, or if you would like to explore hosting your own session for a group, or you are interested in coming along but can’t make the initial dates/venues, then just get in touch. Always happy to arrange coffee and conversation…it is where the best ideas begin to emerge!

If you like what you have read then please share this blog with any of your own networks.

With very best wishes for the fast approaching festive period and I look forward to connecting and chasing some dreams in 2019.


Chaser of Dreams

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