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To know or to do...?

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

A few years ago I challenged my team at the time to think about how we created a learning programme that was built more around the need to help individuals get better at 'doing stuff' rather than just about 'knowing stuff'. With the world around us changing and the way in which we engage in learning shifting ever more by the day, it was important for us to think about how we could be better at helping learners develop their curiosity and desire to learn for themselves, rather than to just keep 'delivering learning' like we always had.

Yesterday I helped to facilitate similar discussions for a group looking to review and enhance their existing coaching qualifications and it reminded me of these conversations and this video I created over the summer.

So here are a few of my meandering thoughts on learning and how we can think about it in our current 'I'll Google it', or 'let me have a look on YouTube' culture. As ever, this is my perspective and take on this subject. One voice in the multiple versions of 'truth' that exist out there. Hopefully something you hear may resonate and spark a few ideas in your head...or maybe you hold a completely different view.

Whatever your take on things, get in touch, let's talk! Coffee and conversation anyone?

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