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Great people make

amazing things happen

When courage, creativity and curiosity collide
Dream it | Believe it | Achieve it

Everyday leadership

A unique form of authentic leadership for individuals, organisations and teams searching for more positive, genuine ways to lead and navigate through the change and uncertainty


Want to change the way you do things? 

An Opus 29 Culture Review is a reflective process that will highlight your 'good stuff' and help you work out how to do things differently in the future 


Ever wanted to chase a dream but not sure how to begin or which path to choose?


1-2-1 mentoring in a safe, trusted space will help you make sense of your challenge & identify the steps you need to get your journey underway

creative consultancy

Looking for a fresh perspective on processes, projects or possibilities? 

Opus 29 can work with you to explore creative solutions to  everyday challenges as you seek new ways to work in ever-changing times

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About me

With a passion for people and a creatively curious mind, I love learning, problem solving and supporting my clients with their own development and growth.

Practitioner led and PhD informed, I offer a unique approach to the development of leadership and orchestration of change. 

Here are a few organisations I have worked with... 

Get in touch to discover how I could work with you



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