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The Opus 29 Collective

The Core Cast

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Jane Booth.jpg

Dr Jane Booth

Leader | Change Agent

Chaser of Dreams

Experienced sport sector practitioner; researcher; innovative leadership developer; creative thinker; orchestrator of change.

Nicky Fuller.jpg

Nicky Fuller

Experienced coach and workforce developer across a variety of sports including netball, golf and the equestrian world.  Nicky brings significant experience of working in the sports sector across the UK and has hugely relevant, practical experience of supporting coaches, volunteers and other sports practitioners throughout the COVID19 pandemic.  She also brings a calm and considered approach to problem solving, reflective research and solutions generation.

Paul Gorman.png

Paul Gorman

A creative education consultant and experienced facilitator who has invaluable expertise in learning and skills development.  Paul brings huge value from an innovation and critical thinking perspective and specialises in co-creation around the design thinking approach and solution development.  He has been leading, creating and supporting a number of diverse communities during the COVID19 pandemic, particularly connected to education, the arts and skills sectors. 

Supporting actors

Jack Tully.jpg

Jack Tully

A community and creative arts facilitator who has significant experience in working with socially excluded groups and individuals, including young people who have experienced school exclusion, refugees, asylum seekers and within the Criminal Justice System.  Throughout the COVID19 pandemic, Jack has continued working with young people in a variety of settings to develop enhanced understanding of the issues facing young people in society today.

Paul Rhodes copy.jpg

Paul Rhodes

A highly experienced and personable social researcher, facilitator and evaluation professional. Supporting organisations in the public, community and voluntary sectors, Paul’s independence of thought and engaging approach make him a highly skilled evaluator and collaborator.


Anne Green

Experienced sport sector practitioner and relationship management expert.  Anne's strengths lie in being able to gently yet robustly check, challenge and interrogate ideas and thinking.  Anne provides an internal sounding board for the Opus 29 Collective across all aspects of work and thus ensures an invaluable level of rigour to all that we do.


Barbara Daniels

Learning and people development specialist with particular expertise in women's sport leadership programmes and mentoring.  Over the past months Barbara has led the translation of the WSLA programme to a virtual setting and has spent time working with coaches and other aspiring leaders around the world to understand their needs in the current and continually changing climate.


Dr Emma Kavanagh

A senior lecturer in sports psychology with a specific research interest in understanding the duty of care within sport.  With specific expertise in the high performance environment, Emma's recent work has been focussed on developing learning experiences around safeguarding for sport and exercise practitioners in our new, virtual world.  Her understanding of the skills and capabilities required to create safe sporting environments will be invaluable for future workforce development.


Professor Anne Bamford OBE

Professor Anne Bamford OBE is Strategic Director of the Education and Skills for the City of London. Anne has been recognised internationally for her research in creativity, lifelong learning and technology. She instigated the term, ‘fusion skills’ to describe the competencies needed for flourishing now and into the future. Through her research, she has pursued issues of innovation, social impact and equality and diversity.  Anne plays a connector role for the Opus 29 collective and her work on Fusion Skills is highly relevant for the post COVID workforce.

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