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Lockdown Learning - the 'taster' menu
Ninety-minute nudges.jpg

The 'ninety-minute nudges' will build on the Creatively Curious learning sessions that have been delivered on a 'face-to-face' and online basis over the past 18 months. 

Starting at £10 for 90 minutes, these sessions will explore a variety of topics utilising a carefully blended mix of theory and applied practice.  Each event will be designed to stimulate your thinking, gently challenge your current perspective and encourage you to make new connections between what you already know and what you learn.

Initially using the Adobe Connect platform, and potentially also Zoom, you can find full details and online booking for each session on the 'events' page of this website.

Whether you are seeking challenge, insight, inspiration, motivation or personal development, I hope that you will find something in the 'mix' that sparks your curiosity and interest.

Topics to be included in the 'Ninety-Minute Nudges' suite of events include:

  • Authenticity and the 'diamond principle'

  • Feedback

  • Mindset

  • Managing change (individually and organisationally)

  • Developing expertise

  • Parent/child digital literacy

  • Resilience - the 'Weeble' perspective

  • Curiosity

  • Perspective

  • Inclusion

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