Mon, 25 Feb | Scottish Youth Theatre


Dip into the worlds of neuroscience, change theory and perspectivism to think about how you approach familiar challenges. Then reflect on how to re-frame your problems to find innovative new solutions. Bring your boldest and most creative self!
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Time & Location

25 Feb 2019, 13:00 – 17:00
Scottish Youth Theatre, 105 Brunswick St, Glasgow G1 1TF, UK

About the event

"We tend to fall in love with the solution before we really understand the problem." (Thomas Wedell-Wedellsborg )

In our increasingly fast-paced world we regularly find ourselves under pressure to make a decision or deliver a solution quickly. It might be that we need to meet a tight funding application deadline, provide a report to a senior executive, deliver on a client project or even help out a friend or family member. Whatever the demand and however it is placed, we like to be able to respond promptly and without delay so we keep our funder, boss or friend happy and feel like we have achieved our aim.


What if the solution we seek is not an obvious one? What if we make assumptions about the 'problem' facing us? What if our mind and previous experiences are driving us unconsciously towards a decision before we have really taken time to assess the challenge and explore all the options?

The reality is that as humans, we are naturally driven to make decisions quickly and within the bounds of what we know, or think that we know. We are often blinded by our past experiences and held within our own 'silos of thought' without even realising. Equally, we are often surrounded by people from similar backgrounds or professions as us, and our collective efforts become shaped by 'group think' or our organisational culture, that is simply 'the way we do things round here'.

This four-hour, highly interactive and gently challenging session will encourage you to take a look beyond the obvious and learn to approach your daily problems with a different thought process. It is all very well to be told to 'think differently', but like with any learned skill, we need guidance and support to develop the skills that will enable us to do this more easily and effectively. Together, we will reflect upon the problem solving process and look at how, with just a few simple steps, you can begin to evolve your abilities to 'think differently' and ensure that you are always solving the right problems...or at least being aware that the first conclusion you reach may not actually be the only way to address the challenge.

During the session you will have the opportunity to work with others in the group to gain a 'diversity of perspective' in order to explore a 'problem' that is causing you frustration and perhaps more than a little stress.

Whether you are a sports practitioner thinking about how you can think about the challenge of getting more people, more active; a manager wondering how you can help your teams to become more efficient at developing new strategies; a business owner contemplating how you can grow your customer base; or you are simply a curious individual looking to understand how you can be more effective in your problem solving practice...this event is for you.

This event will take place at the Scottish Youth Theatre, which is one of Scotland’s national youth performing arts companies that has been providing theatre arts experiences to young people in Scotland since 1977. With a strong belief in the power of theatre to transform young people’s lives that then informs the range of learning, performance and development opportunities on offer, this is an ideal venue for a workshop aimed at encouraging individuals to 'think differently' and explore the endless possibilities that exist when you become aware of your personal biases and unconscious behaviours.

Come along and be prepared to open your mind to new possibilities and previously unexplored horizons!

  • A look beyond the obvious

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